Modular system engineering for automation technology

Certain basic functions are commonly required for the construction of all automation systems. To keep the costs for these functions low we have developed devices performing them which are able to very effectively solve automation tasks.

They are customized for applications from industrial automation to central building control systems. The system offers users cost and time savings as well as increased functionality including amongst others a complete "real" manual control device.

All basic functions are completely implemented in the system modules. They are mainly connected to the connection modules to the field level via pre-assembled cables and flat ribbon cables. This saves valuable working hours and reduces possible errors. The entire automation system becomes more efficient and cost-effective.

Operation using the "old" revolving snap switches is replaced by easier, more modern and flexible membrane keypad operation. All control panels are equipped with short travel membrane keys and high quality LEDs. The attractive design of the control panels also contributes to increased customer acceptance. In addition, the flat ribbon cable system wiring saves time and costs.

The system has been used for years and has proven reliable and effective in numerous applications.